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Academic Initiative

McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program

  • Other Funding
  • McKnight Doctoral Fellowship—January 15; McKnight Dissertation Fellowship—usually during the last week in May; McKnight Junior Faculty Fellowship—February 1
  • fefonline.org

Program Overview

Program Benefits

Program Contact

  • Lawrence Morehouse
  • fefprez@gte.net


  • Southeast
  • 201 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602, USA

Type Of Program


  • Faculty

  • Graduate


  • Aerospace Engineering




Individuals Served

  • 101-500

Notable Alumni

Robin Brooks, PhD (assistant professor, Africana studies, University of Pittsburgh) and Jonathan Gayles, PhD (professor and chair of African American studies, Georgia State University)

Research, Roles & Responsibilities

Research Components

  • Funding to attend professional development sessions/coursework

  • Mentored research experience(s)

  • Program sponsored (in-house) professional development sessions/ coursework

  • Stipend/compensation

Identity & Inclusion

  • All our fellows are required to participate in the following professional development activities: writing and publication workshops, grant writing, strategic plan development, conflict resolution workshops, organize conference panels related to their research, write and present conference papers, serve as professional discussants on conference panels, and present their research to general audience. We promote and foster collaboration on research projects and engage in network building.
  • All of our programming activities provide opportunities for all of our fellows regardless of their race and gender to participate fully in our programming activities. All of our role model and mentoring activities are provide by individual from diverse back grounds

Diversity Groups (Social Identity)

  • Gender

  • Race-Ethnicity

Race/Ethnic Minority Group

  • African American/Black

  • Alaska Natives

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native American

  • Native Hawaiians

  • Pacific Islander

Inclusionary Practices/Activities

  • Creation Of A Safe Space/ Climate/Environment


Mentoring Components

  • Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors

    I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats) Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors (I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats

  • Mentees Are Shown Academic Customs, Pitfalls, Departmental Politics And Taboos

  • Mentor Recognizes The Value Of Mentee

  • Mentors Are Peers Of Program Participants (Near-Peer, Tiered Peer, Etc.)

  • Mentors Provide Psychological And Or Emotional Support

  • Mentors Provide Regular Scheduled Meetings With Mentees

  • Mentors Provide Support With Academic Or Discipline Specific Knowledge Through Direct Teaching

  • Mentors Provide Support With Goal Setting And Or Career Planning

Empowering Activities

  • Academic Recognition (I.E. Research Credibility, Prestige)

  • Coaching

  • Feeder Pathways

  • Institutional Alliances

  • Knowledge Transfer To The Community (E.G., Parents, Peers, Stakeholders)

  • Mentoring Opportunities

  • Publication Opportunities


  • We conduct and develop internal annual performance report and program evaluations. We don't have external reviews and evaluations

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