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Academic Initiative

NASA Gateways to Blue Skies: Airports of Tomorrow Competition

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • 03/03/2022
  • https://blueskies.nianet.org

Program Overview

Program Benefits

  • Up to 8 finalist teams each receive a $6,000 stipend to facilitate competition participation & full participation in the Blue Skies Forum at NASA's Langley Research Center in June 2022. NASA internship opportunities serve as the competition prize for members from the winning team.

Program Contact

  • blueskies@nianet.org


  • Nationwide
  • United States
  • Hampton, VA 23666, USA

Type Of Program


  • Collegiate

  • Faculty

  • Graduate

  • Staff


  • Aerospace Engineering




Individuals Served

  • 51-100

Research, Roles & Responsibilities

Research Components

  • Development of intellectual property

  • Funding to attend professional development sessions/coursework

  • Other

  • Stipend/compensation

Identity & Inclusion

  • This program allows participants to gain experience in developing a proposal to solve real-world problems. It advances an individual's knowledge of today's world of air transportation and technology and the challenges (and solutions) facing it. It also encourages confidence gained from public speaking, developing and defending one's idea, and establishing meaningful ways to communicate ideas through the written word, image development and video presentation.

Diversity Groups (Social Identity)

  • Age

  • Disabilities

  • First-Generation

  • Foreign Born (E.G. Undocumented Immigrants; Non-Citizen Of The US)

  • Gender

  • Language Use (E.G. Bilingualism & Bidialectalism)

  • Military/Veteran Status

  • Political Ideology

  • Race-Ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Socioeconomic Status (E.G. Low-Income)

Race/Ethnic Minority Group

  • African American/Black

  • Alaska Natives

  • Asian American

  • European American/White

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native American

  • Native Hawaiians

  • Pacific Islander

Inclusionary Practices/Activities

  • Creation Of A Safe Space/ Climate/Environment


Mentoring Components

  • Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors

    I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats) Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors (I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats

  • Mentors Exchange Social Displays Of Scientific Knowledge And Practices

  • Mentors Provide Mentees With Access To Academic Resources

Empowering Activities

  • Academic Recognition (I.E. Research Credibility, Prestige)

  • Feeder Pathways

  • Institutional Alliances

  • Knowledge Transfer To The Community (E.G., Parents, Peers, Stakeholders)


  • N/A
  • Expectations for the program are outlined in our Competition Guidelines, located on our Competition webpage.

Key Performance Indicators

Number of participants, quality of concepts, diversity of submissions

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