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Academic Initiative

The Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Program SR-EIP

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • 02/01
  • https://www.theleadershipalliance.org/

Program Overview

  • The Leadership Alliance, founded at Brown University in 1992 as a partnership of 23 institutions, came together to develop underrepresented students into outstanding leaders and role models in academia, business and the public sector. Today, this consortium has grown to more than 30 institutions and private industry who have provided research and networking experiences to over 4,000 young scholars. SR-EIP is a fully paid summer internship that provides undergraduates with training and mentoring in the principles underlying the conduct of research and prepares them to pursue competitive applications to PhD or MD-PhD programs.

Program Benefits

  • The SR-EIP is a rigorous summer research experience for students in all academic disciplines designed specifically for undergraduates interested in applying to PhD or MD-PhD programs. SR-EIP participants conduct scholarly research at one of the 22 Leadership Alliance member institutions. Students work for eight to ten weeks under the guidance of a research mentor, thereby gaining theoretical knowledge and practical training in academic research and scientific experimentation. Students participate in research seminars and professional development activities throughout the program, culminating in the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, at which all participants make oral or poster presentations on their summer research project. All students receive a stipend. Host institutions cover the cost of travel and housing. Students can apply to up to three of our research sites through one common application.

Program Contact


  • 133 Waterman Street, Providence, RI 02906, USA

Type Of Program


  • Collegiate


  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Agriculture Sciences

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Atmospheric Sciences

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Sciences

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Foreign Languages

  • General Engineering

  • Geography and Population Studies

  • Humanities

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Life Sciences

  • Linguistics

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Neuroscience

  • Physical Sciences

  • Physics

  • Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Sociology

  • STEM




Individuals Served

  • 501-1,000

Notable Alumni

Wallace Derricote, PhD , Chemistry; Checo Rorie, PhD, Toxicology

Research, Roles & Responsibilities

Identity & Inclusion

  • The results of the program provide evidence of specific programmatic components that are beneficial for UR students from varying academic and cultural backgrounds and describes aspects of summer research programs contributing to their ability to persist in science careers. Participant survey results show improved student confidence in their research abilities and preparedness for a career in research.

Diversity Groups (Social Identity)

  • First-Generation

  • Gender

  • Socioeconomic Status (E.G. Low-Income)

Race/Ethnic Minority Group

  • Alaska Natives

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native American

  • Native Hawaiians

  • Other

  • Pacific Islander

Inclusionary Practices/Activities

  • Creation Of A Safe Space/ Climate/Environment

  • Development Of Academic Sense Of Belongingness (E.G. Meetings With Doctoral Scholars, Peer Researchers, Exchanges At Academic Conferences)

  • Orientation (E.G. Reviewing Norms, Expectations, Structures, Goals, And/Or Protocols)

  • Specialized Curricula/Workshops

    E.G. Training For Participants, Directors And/Or Faculty On Imposter Syndrome, Implicit Bias, Microaggressions

  • Structured Dialogues And Interactions (E.G. Lab Discussions, One-On-One Sessions, Virtual Dialogues)


Mentoring Components

  • Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors

    I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats) Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors (I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats

  • Mentors Provide Mentees With Access To Academic Resources

Empowering Activities

  • Coaching

  • Institutional Alliances

  • Mentoring Opportunities


  • More than half (55%) of undergraduates who have participated in the national Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) matriculated into graduate programs, and more than 500 alumni of the SR-EIP have obtained their Ph.D. (472) or M.D.-Ph.D. (48) degrees.
  • See website for annual performance reports

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