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Academic Initiative

RIT Future Faculty Career Exploration Program

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Program Overview

  • The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Future Faculty Career Exploration Program (FFCEP) has been one of the leading faculty diversity initiatives in the country for over 15 years. The RIT program seeks to assist new URM Ph.Ds. with meaningful relationships, transitioning process to becoming a faculty member, curriculum development, development of networks, and employment opportunities. The program is set up for the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology. RIT is proud of their teaching and research philosophy, and the program allows for participants to engage RIT Deans and Department Chairs, based on the candidate’s academic work and career interests. The RIT FFCEP initiative is one of the few fully dedicated faculty diversity programs at a university in the nation.

Program Benefits

Program Contact


  • Northeast
  • 111 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623, USA

Type Of Program


  • Faculty

  • Postdoc


  • Non-Discipline Specific




Individuals Served

  • 101-500

Notable Alumni

Dr. Kim Renee Ramsey-White (director of undergraduate programs, clinical professor, School of Public Health, Georgia State University); Dr. Robert C. Osgood, program director, associate professor of Biomedical Sciences, RIT

Research, Roles & Responsibilities

Identity & Inclusion

  • We sponsor a 4 day meeting where we engage all program participants. We built an online platform that allows program participants to identify and communicate with one another.

Race/Ethnic Minority Group

  • African American/Black

  • European American/White

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native American

  • Pacific Islander

Inclusionary Practices/Activities

  • Creation Of A Safe Space/ Climate/Environment

  • Development Of Academic Sense Of Belongingness (E.G. Meetings With Doctoral Scholars, Peer Researchers, Exchanges At Academic Conferences)

  • Orientation (E.G. Reviewing Norms, Expectations, Structures, Goals, And/Or Protocols)

  • Other

  • Personalized Counseling Services

  • Specialized Curricula/Workshops

    E.G. Training For Participants, Directors And/Or Faculty On Imposter Syndrome, Implicit Bias, Microaggressions


Mentoring Components

  • Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors

    I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats) Mentees Are Allowed To Attend Events With Mentors (I.E. Dinners, Social Events, Conferences, Retreats

  • Mentees Are Shown Academic Customs, Pitfalls, Departmental Politics And Taboos

  • Mentors Exchange Social Displays Of Scientific Knowledge And Practices

  • Mentors Provide Support With Goal Setting And Or Career Planning

Empowering Activities

  • Coaching

  • Knowledge Transfer To The Community (E.G., Parents, Peers, Stakeholders)

  • Mentoring Opportunities


Key Performance Indicators

The ultimate metric is the gainful employment in a faculty role, whether at RIT or another institution

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